Friday, September 4, 2009

Slippers for Charity

I have been working on making 30 pairs of slippers to be donated to the local hospital for Christmas. The ladies auxiliary provides gifts for the patients in long term care, and to help them out each gift will contain a pair of slippers. So far I have 11 pairs made, and still counting. I have been working on them exclusively while I am at work. Most nights I can get a min. of 3 pairs made, on a great night I have made 4.

I had a hard time finding a pattern that I enjoyed making, so I made one up as I went. I added additional stitches for men's sizes. They work up really quick and easy, and a great way to use up my stash . Please let me know if there are any errors, this is the first pattern I have put down in writing.


Scraps of worsted weight yarn

4.50mm hook

fits 7-9 women

add add 2 stitches to starting rnd and continue to as follow for men's

(worked in rounds)

Rnd 1. Chain 3, work 7 hdc in starting chain, (Ch 3 counts as starting stitch throughout) join with slip stitch to top of chain three, (8 hdc in rnd)

Rnd 2. chain 2, work hdc in same stitch, *1hdc in next st, 2hdc in next* repeat around, join with slip stitch to top of chain two,

Rnd 3. chain 2, hdc in same stitch, * 1 hdc in next 2 st, 2hdc in next st* repeat around, join with slip stitch to top of chain two.

Rnd 4. Work in hdc in stitch around, join with slip stitch to top of chain two.

Rnd 5-8 repeat row 4

Rnd 9. work hdc around leaving 5 hdc unworked. chain 2 and turn(no longer worked in rounds)

repeat round 9 until foot reaches desired length. end and sew up the heel (approx 11 rows for a womens size 7-9)


Join with contrasting colour, in the first of the unworked hdc from round 8. chain 2 work hdc in each of the five hdc, and continue around the sides and back of slippers. Join with a slip stitch in the top of the chain 2.

Rnd 2. chain 1work sc in each stitch around, join with slip stitch into top of chain. end.


Bobo said...

Hi, I crochet for charity too, and am always looking for quick and easy (but pretty) patterns...yours looks great. I'll let you know. Thanks for sharing it!


Rachel Bonitz said...

I was looking around Ravelry for a nice crocheted slipper pattern to make for care center residents, and your is definitely on my list of possibles! (I'm saving a few I like, then plan to go back over and try a few, to see which I would like to make more than once. I'm a finicky crocheter, but when I find a pattern I really like I will make it over and over.) Very nice, and the resident who recieves this pair will be very happy.

Tracy Joyner said...

These work up great! How do you feel about letting me put these on my website? Not the pattern of course..just a pic with link to the pattern on your page.

Let me know! You can email me at


Jodee M said...

How would you make these for a child size 11 - 12 shoe? I cannot find a pattern anywhere for that size. I make them for kids in cancer treatment, LTC, and children of abused women in shelters. Thanks!