Friday, April 30, 2010

Terrible I know!!!

Okay so to put it mildly I have to be a pretty crappy blogger!!! I got caught up at the holidays, and from there life did not leave a whole lot of time for anything. I have been busy crocheting and knitting. I have a few new creations that I am hoping to share.

Remodels around my house, (kitchen, Bathroom, Living room) have all spurred the need for new acces. This of course has gotten my hook and needles in action. We are pretty much done of the indoor work, and just getting started on the outdoor.

I am hoping to be able to pop in here every couple of weeks. I know realistically that I could not do more then that.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Xmas Rush

Sadly I have not had much time to do anything. I have been so crazy getting ready for the holidays. Also it seems every day there is something else going on at Ceilidh's school, and I have to drop by, or go to the rink.

Hopefully I can get caught up on all my wip's and finish my list. I have a few things left that I want to get done before the holidays. I would like to make a few headbands, and a book bag for the girls before the big day. I am not going to be disapointed if they dont get done lol.

I also have a new baby layette I have been working on. I am hoping to finish it up and get it tested early in the new year. I should have some pics added soon of that.

Well there is lots to do today, as it is Ceilidh's holiday concert today, and skating party tommorow.......

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Finally after months and months of constant nagging from my darling husband, and my dearest mother in-law, I did it. I finally took the scissors to Morgaine's hair. I must say it truly hurt to chop off a good 6 inches of her hair. We still have a fairly long pony tail, however it is far from her bum now.

She took it much harder then any of us thought she would. She got very very mad at me for taking her hair. She at first DEMANDED, that I put it back on. After a good half hour of convincing her that she looked beautiful, even though she no longer can have her pony tail over her shoulder she decided it was okay.
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Candy Cane Sleeves Pattern

I have made about 3 dozen of theses in the last few weeks to go on my tree, and to us as gift tags. I have added the pattern below. I just looked at a picture I found online, and did my best to copy it.
size 10 cotton
candy cane.
Chain 50
Row 1: 1 hdc in second from hook, to end chain 1 turn
Row 2: sc in first two stitches *chain 5, skip 1 st, sc in next* repeat till last two sc in each, turn
Row 3. sc in first two stitches, *sc,hdc,3dc,hdc,sc, in each ch 5 loop* repeat to end, sc in last two st.
Then add a ribbon loop for hanging. I have also hotglued, bows approx. halfway down.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Ornament Diaster

I went down into the basement today, with plans to pull out my xmas ornaments and start getting ready to decorate. When I grabbed my tote of ornaments, I heard a very startling sound of broken glass. My glass ornaments were broken!!!!!

We spent most of the summer renovating our basement, and totes and boxes had been shuffled around. So, it seems that in the shuffle, our ornaments were victim. I am going to head out to the store, and by a few replacements, however, I will not be able to replace them all till after Christmas, when I can hit the sales. So, being a crafter. I am going to get busy and start making a few of my own ornaments.
I started by making some candy cane covers last night. There were great fun, and really easy to whip up. I used size 10 crochet cotton, and I am going to pick up some Christmas Ribbon from Micheal's to dress them up.

I had also being participating in Crochetville's Snowflake Mondays so I have quite a few beautiful snowflakes in red and white to go in the tree this year as well. I am sure that with a little time and some creativity, I can save the tree from looking so bare.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dealing with ADHD

My oldest daughter has ADHD. It has presented us with some challenges with her starting school. Her first day of school resulted with a trip to the Principals office for bitting a 5th grader and being banned from the school bus. I must say going to pick her up that first day, and seeing how very sad she was, certainly was an eye opener.

Treating her with medications, was the most obvious and probably the easiest course of action, however the thoughts of having her drugged was not very appealing. My dh and I spent hours doing our reasearch, and discover there were countless natuaral treatments thats we could try.

Happily our first attempt met with great success. We have started giving her Evening Primrose Oil, and a comination of oils, to help her focus. In addition to this, we removed, sugars, refined carbs, and made sure that she had a diet high in protiens. Surprisingly she took to the change in the diet wonderfully. Pop was the first item to be completely removed from her diet.

My research led to me to a few articles on food allergies and ADHD. Many people belive that ADHD can be triggered by a food allergy. With the quick removal of all sugars, except natural occuring sugars, from my dd's diet, changes in her behaviour were almost instantanious.

We have now been pretty much incident free for a months She is still your typical 5 year old, but at least she is now typical. It is nice to see that see can be reasoned with, and that she now is paying attention in school. I no longer dread seeing her sad face when I go to pick her up. And we look forward to sharing her daily tales, that no longer include, the principals office.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Wool Eater

I decided to finally give the Wool eater pattern a whirl. I must say that it is working up much better then I thought. I had been looking for a square baby afghan pattern, and had a real tough time finding one I liked, when I remembered the wooleater. I have started in using Patons sport weight wool...... I will definately be making more then one of this, this pattern is great.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is it ever going to end

I have been working on clearing out my stash. I have been working at it one tote, bag or box at a time. I have ended up refilling an empty tote with finished projects lol. Scarves for xmas gifts have been made, squares for blankets, slippers for next years donation to the hospital and so on.

I have recently come across a box full of Cotton. I never realized that I had sooooo very much of it lying around. I have made enough round clothes to make 8 more flower pots, and now I am working on just normal dishcloths. My goal had been not to move onto another bag until the one I was currently on was finished. I really don't think that I can do this with the cotton. Hopefully, I can suck it up and keep going, only 4 more big balls to go, how hard can that be???????

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kniffty Knit Stockings

While I was out I stumbled across a yard sale, where there were a few pattern books for the kniffy knitter. My knitter has kind of sat in a tote for awhile, and I figured with a pattern book, I should pull it out.

There was a great pattern for Christmas Stockings, that I just had to give a whirl. After looking through my stash I saw that had red and white. It was a pretty easy pattern to follow and it did not take very long to whip it up. I don't think I will do another one that is stripped as I do not like how it lookes where they are joined. However a few solid colour ones will be a must for my Christmas decorating.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I cheated!

Okay I did it. I broke a promise to myself. And I feel so very very guilty. Well not really. But I did however break my vow not to buy wool till Nov.1st.

It was just sooo hard to say no. There I was at Michaels, buying replacement hooks. With my trusty 40% off coupon in hand, I thought I had succeeded. In and out without a ball of wool. YES success was mine!!!!! I even walked right out the store and no issue. I jump into the car with my mother in law, and I was flying high! For the very first time I did not buy a ball of wool!!

So off we go to our next destionation Zellers. Now I rarely go into the wool section at this particular store because it is always in disary and I truely do not like it. So there we are strolling around the store looking for ideas for my dd's upcoming birthday. When I see it............a big bin of Wool. I can feel my hands shake as I vow not to look in.........of course I do,.........and there it is....a huge ball of Boucle in the most beautiful Mauve for $3.00 .............I just couldnt do it........I could not leave that ball just sitting there. SO I had no choice but to buy it!!!!!

Here I am trying to justify myself by saying I have almosted finished a very nice throw, that I will be gifting for christmas. I just know that it will be a great addition to one of my gifts, and it has worked up so very quickly. (See here I am trying again to make my fall justified)

Well I will update with my finished picture shortly. I still am shaking my head at my misdead. Now I will have to start over again. So no more wool until, Nov 7th. *Groans* this is worse then starting a diet over the holidays:(