Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dealing with ADHD

My oldest daughter has ADHD. It has presented us with some challenges with her starting school. Her first day of school resulted with a trip to the Principals office for bitting a 5th grader and being banned from the school bus. I must say going to pick her up that first day, and seeing how very sad she was, certainly was an eye opener.

Treating her with medications, was the most obvious and probably the easiest course of action, however the thoughts of having her drugged was not very appealing. My dh and I spent hours doing our reasearch, and discover there were countless natuaral treatments thats we could try.

Happily our first attempt met with great success. We have started giving her Evening Primrose Oil, and a comination of oils, to help her focus. In addition to this, we removed, sugars, refined carbs, and made sure that she had a diet high in protiens. Surprisingly she took to the change in the diet wonderfully. Pop was the first item to be completely removed from her diet.

My research led to me to a few articles on food allergies and ADHD. Many people belive that ADHD can be triggered by a food allergy. With the quick removal of all sugars, except natural occuring sugars, from my dd's diet, changes in her behaviour were almost instantanious.

We have now been pretty much incident free for a months She is still your typical 5 year old, but at least she is now typical. It is nice to see that see can be reasoned with, and that she now is paying attention in school. I no longer dread seeing her sad face when I go to pick her up. And we look forward to sharing her daily tales, that no longer include, the principals office.


WandySue said...

I share your story on the adhd, my son has it and was born with it. He is now 18 years old, and in the 12th grade of school. He still cant do math, 1 + 1 = 2 he doesnt know these things, math is really bad, he forgets what you and the teachers just spent hours on trying to teach him.

Its horrifying, I get very frustrated at me and him, but I keep that part to myself. You cant show him frustration then he wont even try to learn things.

Did you know that over 60% of the older generations have had that and never diagnosed with it.

My son also was born with microcephely, you can research that to.

Life has been challenging for me to. Everyday is like a new day, you dont know when or how things are gonna turn out.

Im glad to hear your daughters condition is under control.
Hang in there.