Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is it ever going to end

I have been working on clearing out my stash. I have been working at it one tote, bag or box at a time. I have ended up refilling an empty tote with finished projects lol. Scarves for xmas gifts have been made, squares for blankets, slippers for next years donation to the hospital and so on.

I have recently come across a box full of Cotton. I never realized that I had sooooo very much of it lying around. I have made enough round clothes to make 8 more flower pots, and now I am working on just normal dishcloths. My goal had been not to move onto another bag until the one I was currently on was finished. I really don't think that I can do this with the cotton. Hopefully, I can suck it up and keep going, only 4 more big balls to go, how hard can that be???????