Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I cheated!

Okay I did it. I broke a promise to myself. And I feel so very very guilty. Well not really. But I did however break my vow not to buy wool till Nov.1st.

It was just sooo hard to say no. There I was at Michaels, buying replacement hooks. With my trusty 40% off coupon in hand, I thought I had succeeded. In and out without a ball of wool. YES success was mine!!!!! I even walked right out the store and no issue. I jump into the car with my mother in law, and I was flying high! For the very first time I did not buy a ball of wool!!

So off we go to our next destionation Zellers. Now I rarely go into the wool section at this particular store because it is always in disary and I truely do not like it. So there we are strolling around the store looking for ideas for my dd's upcoming birthday. When I see it............a big bin of Wool. I can feel my hands shake as I vow not to look in.........of course I do,.........and there it is....a huge ball of Boucle in the most beautiful Mauve for $3.00 .............I just couldnt do it........I could not leave that ball just sitting there. SO I had no choice but to buy it!!!!!

Here I am trying to justify myself by saying I have almosted finished a very nice throw, that I will be gifting for christmas. I just know that it will be a great addition to one of my gifts, and it has worked up so very quickly. (See here I am trying again to make my fall justified)

Well I will update with my finished picture shortly. I still am shaking my head at my misdead. Now I will have to start over again. So no more wool until, Nov 7th. *Groans* this is worse then starting a diet over the holidays:(