Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where have my hooks gone?????

I have lost my crochet hooks.............not just one or two.............all of them!!!!! I keep them nicely organized in a crochet case that was once my grandmothers, and I can not find it. At first I thought I had just misplaced it, and now I discover that it is lost.

My house has been torn inside out,(and is exceptionally clean now) in my hunt for my hooks. My children and husband, have been interrogated and still nothing. I must say I am devastated. Hooks that had once been my grandmothers, and her beautiful case are gone. For 12 years I have toted that case and needles along side me, and never lost a one. Now they are all gone.

Not only do I have to deal with the lose of so special an item, I now have NO CROCHET HOOKS!!!!! I have managed to look into some of my hibernating projects and dug out a few hooks. I have a 3.5,6.5 and a 4. Now I only have to fill in the gaps.

I am off today to replace the hooks, and I hope beyond all hope that I find the hooks that mean so very much to me. If I do ever find them again, I am going to put them away where they can not get lost. My heart truly aches to know that I will never work another stitch with my gramma right there with me.


Pattys Place said...

How awful. Bad enough to lose your hooks. That is terrible, but to lose the ones you got from your Gramma. Oh my. Did you look in your purse? Your car? Oh my...I can feel your pain. I got some from my Gramma too. They would be a terrible loss to me as well. Hopefully you will find them soon.

Treenie said...

sadly I have searched every where, and they can not be found. Sadly I think they may have been left at work, and have gone missing. I can not even guess as to where they have gone. I keep hoping that they will turn up:)