Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christmas Countdown

OMG...........I just now realize that Xmas is not that far away. I have been sooo busy planning for my Xmas craft sale, that I completely forgot about my own Xmas crochet list. I have barely made a dent in my HUGE list for this year. I definitely see that some things will sadly have to go.

I am also on a wool strike, and not buying any wool (or yarn) yes I do need to specify, till November 1 YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What was I thinking so close to Xmas. I am sure I am going to need to start attending some sort of Crafters Anonymous meetings.

So here I am stuck about 86 days away from Xmas, a huge list of projects, and banned from buying and wool. (or yarn). I do have a pretty impressive stash (hence the need for the strike) however I know for a fact that I would really need to buy some specific types and colours for a few of my bigger projects.

Also in my need to reduce, I am trying to whip up as many one skein projects as possible as I seem to have a huge tote full of 1 skeins. It seems that I tend to be cautious when buying for a project and always over estimate, then when I finish, the extra all goes into the OVERFLOW tote, that is now litterally overflowing. Hopefully I can find some quick and easy projects to help use this up, and at the same time fill the void for some of my Xmas list.

Well enough chatting about my predicament.............time to hunt down some patterns!