Friday, April 30, 2010

Terrible I know!!!

Okay so to put it mildly I have to be a pretty crappy blogger!!! I got caught up at the holidays, and from there life did not leave a whole lot of time for anything. I have been busy crocheting and knitting. I have a few new creations that I am hoping to share.

Remodels around my house, (kitchen, Bathroom, Living room) have all spurred the need for new acces. This of course has gotten my hook and needles in action. We are pretty much done of the indoor work, and just getting started on the outdoor.

I am hoping to be able to pop in here every couple of weeks. I know realistically that I could not do more then that.


KaHolly said...

I found your blog while searching preemie hats for charities in Cape Breton. Awhile back you mentioned you were inspired by your grandmother and were going to make some (booties?) to donate. I was wondering if you followed through, if you donated on your own, or if you found an organization to donate through. I live on Isle Madame half the year. I love your header picture. It could have been taken on the island where I live!! ~karen