Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yes sir, yes sir, two bags full

I was browsing the adds in the local buy and sell,when I came across an add for wool and yarn for sale. Not that I needed any more to add to my stash, I checked it out. I gave the number a call and quickly made arrangements with a soft spoken man to go and take a look.

When I got there, the sweetest little old man came out to great me. The warm smile on his face did not match the sadness in his eyes. I followed him into the porch where there were two huge bags of wool sitting there. I took a peak and saw that most of it was baby weight wool, with some sock wool. I definitely would have use for this. I stood up and looked at him, and asked him how much.

It was then I saw the tears, I was not really sure what was going on, however before I could say another word he spoke up, and asked If I would be making any baby clothes, his wife loved to make baby clothes, she would sit for hours making them even long after the babies and grand babies where gone.

Quickly I responded that I would, and that I was going to use some of it to make hats and booties for preemies, he smiled and said that his wife would have liked that. He went on to tell me that he had tried to sell the wool earlier, however when he was asked how much he was never able to go through with it. I felt greatly honoured that this man was going to let me buy something so important. He asked an incredibly low price for the bags, and I insisted he take a little more.

After I got home and had the time to go through the bags, I found about a dozen half finished projects and a few finished ones, one being a men's watch cap. I could not help but think about the woman that had sat there working on these items. I could feel the love that she had put into them. The finished baby outfit that was there, I quickly decided would be put away till I came across someone that would benefit of such an item and just give it to them for no reason.

There is some of the wool from the watch cap left. I am going to whip up a scarf to go with it, and take it to her husband. I am sure that it was meant for him, and she never got around to giving it to him.