Monday, September 7, 2009

Dishclothes and Tawashis

Tawashis! They have become an excellent outlet for my creative juices. I love the versitility of them. Round, Square, foot print............the list is endless. It even makes doing dishes seem more fun when you get to us a cute scrubber. I have been making these little cuties by the dozen, and stashing them away for some unexpected craft sale, that I just know the school will have some day.

However not everyone shares my appreciation of Tawashis. My mother in law thinks it is absolutely riddiculos to wash her dishes with a flower. She was a big fan of the knitted dishclothes. Constantly I was being asked to make her another couple of dishclothes. Now dont get me wrong, I don't mind knitting however crocheting is my true passion. One night while at work, with a list of dishclothes needing to be knitting, I realized that I had left my needles at home. Desperate for something to do and with only cotton on hand I started crocheting some very simple dishclothes. Just a dozen and a half rows of hdc, and I was done. Well I just whipped though a pile of them in no time. Quite proud of the results, I treked on to my darling mother in law, crocheted(not knitted) dishclothes in hand, and does she just love them!! Now I do not mind as much when I hear..........."You know I could use a few new dishclothes" (personally I think she is selling them on the little ole lady should not have that many dishes I tell you. And if she truely does, maybe a dishwasher would be a great xmas gift.)