Wednesday, September 23, 2009

De Stashing

I have finally started the dreaded task of destashing.............I almost do not like even saying it. However it is a necessary evil to make way for new wool. In the last 4 days, I have managed to get rid of 7 balls of wool. BIG Balls!!!!!!!! I am made a lapgan for both girls using double strands....It was a fine and very satisfying way to use up some yarn. I have also managed a start for xmas gifts.......3 scarves are finished, with hats to match in the works. I have also started a happy scrappy granny square, for all the odds of yarn I just can not part with. It is being worked, in double strand, and using a 10mm hook. I just keep joining a new colour when one runs out. It is actually looking pretty good. I think I will keep it at work when it is all finished.

I still have more yarn to de stash however, I truly do have a great sense of accomplishment getting as much as I have busted.


Pattys Place said...

It's very fun to destash. As you said, makes more room for new.
I like the ghan on the couch.
Very pretty.

Treenie said...

Thanks Patty. I am looking forward to empty totes to fill again:)